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Monday, September 24, 2007

Catching up

Conchita's IT slug dropped something of a bombshell on me last week when he said our network server was moving to a "vault" and any of the 5,438 messages I presently have in my mailboxes older than 60 days would be moved there permanently and could never be erased once it was migrated. While I do believe the 300-400 messages I sent to my girlfriends saying "Conchita is such a bitch. I'm so glad she's going to Hell. See you Sunday," have their rightful place among The Ages, I can only imagine the Persecution I would endure once Chairman Hillary started subpoenaing them for her kangaroo court.

All of this, gentle reader, is my long-winded way of explaining to you why I spent the last 4 workdays frenetically deleting 6 years of email from my in and out boxes and not blogging on the pressing matters of the day. But fear not, for nothing escapes the watchful eye of Sister Nancy Beth. Here are the stories MSM would rather you ignore:

† Plan naan from outer space - Perhaps the most shameful legacy of feminism is the way it wrecked the space program. Once they let women in, they had to let everyone in (except maybe the homos, but you know that's a lawsuit waiting to happen) , and that's what we've got today -- Muslims who are not only trying to take over the planet, but also the whole damn solar system:
Malaysia's first astronaut will blast off into space next month armed with guidelines from Muslim authorities on how to pray, wash and even be "buried" in space.

Two Malaysian candidates, a doctor and an army dentist who are both Muslims, are undergoing training in Russia with the winner expected to be announced on Friday, ahead of the 11-day space mission which starts on October 10.

Other Muslims have ventured into space, but none during the fasting month of Ramadan which began last week, and Malaysia's Department of Islamic Development (JAKIM) is hopeful the astronaut will choose to fast during his voyage.

"Conditions at the International Space Station which are so different from those on earth are not a hindrance for the astronaut to fulfil his obligations as a Muslim," it said in a 20-page booklet.

This booklet sounds like one of those Al Qaeda training manuals we're always hearing so much about. Who's to say there isn't a chapter in there on how to best behead a fellow astronaut when Good Morning, America cuts to you for the effects of zero gravity on poppy seeds? And what if a high dosage of radiation turns him from a regular Muslim, which is bad enough, into some sort of mutant super-Muslim? I think it shows how badly we've fallen behind as a global leader that something like this is even allowed to happen.

† The wages of Sin - It's long been known that consumers of pornography are hyperviolent criminal predators, and it only stands to reason that the people who make it are criminals themselves. To wit:
An Iraq war veteran featured in dozens of hard-core sex films been charged with raping a woman as she slept at a Washington State University sorority house.

Christopher Jack Reid, 25, who uses the screen name Jack Venice, also is accused of burglarizing the Kappa Alpha Theta, Pi Beta Phi and Delta Gamma sorority houses and trying to break into the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity in Pullman, according to police reports.
Let us hope Mr. Reid discover the one true path to Salvation and returns to polite society in the form of a conservative journalist.

† Satan's concubine - Hillary Clinton's demands for the blood of the unborn isn't just a convenient political stance to ride to electoral victory, it's part of the literal deal she made with the devil:
A new biography on Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton reveals that during her time as First Lady, Clinton participated in strange moments of imaginary conversation with a deceased Eleanor Roosevelt from the solarium atop the White House. Grove City College professor Paul Kengor’s “God and Hillary Clinton” also notes the religious devotion with which Senator Clinton advocates abortion.

An overview of the book by Kengor’s Grove City colleague Dr. Warren Thockmorton notes that the book - with information from friends, colleagues and acquaintances - paints an accurate picture of Clinton’s version of faith.

The woman who arranged the séance-type sessions atop the White House, Jean Houston, became very close to the Senator. Houston who was known for delving into altered consciousness, the spirit world, and psychic experiences, according to a source quoted in the book, compared Clinton to Joan of Arc and believed her to be the most pivotal woman in all of human history.

Thockmorton also extracts from the book an analysis of Clinton’s devotion to abortion. “There is no issue closer to Mrs. Clinton’s heart than abortion rights—to which she holds a nearly religious devotion—so much so that it has become a kind of political theology to the senator, equipped with its own set of apologetics.”
I don't know when Hillary has time to conduct her Black Masses, what with all the burglaries she spends her day plotting, but there's no doubt that once she's in office, her daily briefing will including the disemboweling of a sacred chicken as a means of augury. Keep America Holy and send her back to Massachusetts, where she belongs. Praise Him!

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