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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Most Valuable Prayer

Go long!

The Left's insistence that women be free to fornicate and murder their unborn children with impunity has created an army of voracious succubi who've left behind them an endless trail of victims: their aborted fetuses, the men they seduced and then abandoned, the other men who must live in mortal terror of their sexual predations, the ruined Morals of Our Nation, and, of course, Our Heavenly Father Himself. But it wasn't until I read my Prayer Warriors at CitizenLink that I see who has suffered the most from this feminist crime wave -- college athletic programs:
If doctors had had their way, Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow wouldn't be here today.

Pam Tebow, mother of the Florida Gators quarterback, was given drugs to counter amoebic dysentery she had contracted as a missionary in the Philippines.

“They were telling her that these drugs were going to cause irreversible damage, that he was going to have devastating disabilities," said J.T. Finn, director of Pro Life America. "Because of her strong Christian faith, she chose life, and that makes her an incredible hero.”
How many potential star athletes have had lucrative endorsement deals snatched from their precious unborn fingers, just because some angry Hitlery KKKlinton clone planted a bug in his mother's ear about her "right" to be a tramp? How much merriment could their athletic prowess have brought to alumni tailgate parties? How many boys could they have lured away from feminizing pastimes like playing with dolls and doing homework, and onto the masculine battlefields of the baseball diamond or basketball court? When you ponder the staggering ramifications, it becomes clear that abortion is another tool, much like Title IX, that The Left uses to punish men for being men with the hopes of turning them gay. Until abortion and other forms of family "planning" are outlawed, men will remain second-class citizens who live at the mercy of our evil feminist overlords. Praise Him!

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