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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Like a phoenix from the ashes...

In order to further their evil plot of giving Americans E. Coli, whistling at white chicks with impunity, and keeping Michelle Malkin from getting a choice parking spot at 7-Eleven, illegal immigrants have had to effectively neuter the Republican Party. This is seen to greatest effect here in California, where liberal Hollywood celebrities employ these terroristas as "poolboys" at their palatial estates, resulting in a hybrid species of moonbat that combines the worst of traits of Barbra Streisand and Antonio Banderas. While The Left's army of libtard fruit-vending celebutante lovechildren may have reduced the GOP to a permanent electoral underclass here in the Golden State, it's important to keep in mind that El Hombre can't bust our music:
Thirteen years after a ballot measure against illegal immigration fractured the state Republican Party, the issue again is front and center in California's upcoming presidential primary.

Moderates who have argued that an unyielding stance against illegal immigration would further erode the party's strength in this increasing polyglot state have effectively been silenced by GOP forces calling for a hard-line crackdown. ...

"There is more unity among Republicans in this state on illegal immigration than on anything else, including taxes," said Tom Hudson, chairman of the Republican Party in Placer County, near Sacramento, one of the most conservative counties in the state.
I predict the mighty sight that our united front of resistance presents will shock & awe Latinos into submission, resulting in an invigorated Republican Party that sweeps the 2008 elections, builds the new Berlin Wall, and sends all the Democrats back to Mexico where they belong. Praise Him!

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