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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Would you support these troops?

Radical homosexual activists have long been using the Girl Scouts to flesh out their ranks [carpentry & bad back division], and every dollar the gullible American public spends on Thin Mints from these diminutive Feminazis-in-training goes towards instructing them in the black arts of lesbianism -- racial tolerance, macramé, and automotive repair, to name but a few. Evidently the fact that every mechanic's shop & craft store in the country will soon be under the tyrannical dominion of their protégés isn't enough for these would-be despots. In their all-consuming hatred of Freedom, they have embiggened their campaign against Our Nation and joined forces with Al Qaeda:
Scattered Muslim communities across the United States are forming Girl Scout troops as a sort of assimilation tool to help girls who often feel alienated from the mainstream culture, and to give Muslims a neighborly aura. Boy Scout troops are organized with the same inspiration, but often the leap for girls is greater because many come from conservative cultures that frown upon their participating in public physical activity.

By teaching girls to roast hot dogs or fix a flat bicycle tire, Farheen Hakeem, one troop leader here, strives to help them escape the perception of many non-Muslims that they are different.

Scouting is a way of celebrating being American without being any less Muslim, Ms. Hakeem said.
This is an Outrage of the highest order. How soon will it be before we see some Brownie's sash adorned with merit badges for blaming America, or beheading the infidels on YouTube? America has taken one enormous step closer to Islezbofascist sharia, and all that speculation about Hillary's attempts to establish the lesbian caliphate seems far more credible now. Praise Him!

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  • At December 03, 2007 2:02 PM, Blogger proudprogressive said…

    weinie roasting...no good can come of it ! - what on earth are they thinking ? "Merit badges for hating America"..Sister Nancy once again you ability to see logical outcomes of these superficially looking innocent actions is astounding. Why i can just see the leetle badges now, with two towers up in smoke on them ! oh dear now i got myself all upset. Time for the 700 club to calm my nerves. A few squnched up eye prayers should do the trick.

    Thanks for the scoop Sister Nancy Beth.


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