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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Move over, Lourdes

The last 50 years have shown that The Left will use the pettiest grievances imaginable if it helps further their America-hating agenda of "civil liberties," "human rights," and "environmental stewardship." To the untrained ear, these all sound pleasant enough, but just beneath the surface lurks their true intent: Turning our Christian, capitalist republic into a lesbian collective whose economy is based entirely on macramé handicrafts. Global warming is the latest non-story to be used as a truncheon against America, with MSM even going so far as to propose that Americans should eat less red meat(!) and walk(!!) as means of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and losing weight. Evidently that this course of action will turn us all into svelte, crudité-nibbling homosexuals isn't germane to the story.

I for one am tired of all this godless communism tarted up as "science," and so is Our Heavenly Father. In defiance of those liberal do-gooders who would have you believe that driving your SUV & enjoying a double-cheeseburger goes against God's Will, the Holy Spirit made a surprise appearance at the most hallowed of our contemporary institutions: a gas station!
A mysterious, blue cloud that appeared floating for half an hour at an Ohio gas station has some wondering if an angel may have appeared.

The ethereal image was captured on security cameras Sunday at a Marathon service station in Parma, Ohio. The image is seen flipping and then sitting in the same spot.

"I actually watched it for 30 minutes, and then actually I watched it move and that is when I got freaked out," said station owner Amed Abudaaria.

WKMG-TV has posted video and a gallery of still images on its website.

It reports groups of people have traveled to the gas station after word of the unexplained event spread.
Glory! I can only pray that I Witness such a Divine sight the next time I gas up the Praisemobile! What we have here is an unequivocal declaration of God's love for fossil fuels, and probably even snack foods. The only way the Holy Ghost could have been more explicit in its meaning is if It had gone into the mini-mart and got an order of Go-Go Taquitos, but maybe It will think to that on the next visit. Thank you, come again, and praise Him!

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