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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Islezbofascist Awareness Week: The homosexual-jihad connection

The Bible counsels that sparing the rod means spoiling the child, but I'm pretty sure that there's one rod that we all agree Our Nation's children should be spared: the offending, heavily-veined sort protruding from your typical radical homosexual activist. Homosexuality remains one of Satan's most irresistible vices, and the hours of extensive internet research I've done on this topic (WARNING: totally NSFW link) indicates that even the most resolutely heterosexual male is but two tequila shots away from violating God's Sacred laws. We are teetering on the edge of a Moral precipice, and the only thing keeping America from plummeting into the nightmare abyss of unrepentant sodomy and endless Will & Grace marathons is the ability of ten year olds to call their classmates faggots. Not surprisingly, The Left is trying to restrict this nearly Sacramental utterance, and is using it as an opportunity to brainwash our children into their godless cult of "tolerance." Prayer Warriors OneNewsNow alert us to the latest classroom turned into a Maoist re-education camp:
A California-based pro-family activist is outraged that a San Diego public school teacher is teaching third graders that homosexuality is acceptable, and that a San Diego news website is glorifying the teacher's indoctrination techniques.

A website called Voice of San Diego recently profiled a third-grade teacher, Mick Rabin, who uses his classroom to promote homosexuality to his young pupils, according to San Diego-based pro-family advocate James Hartline. Hartline says parents need to know what is happening in public school classrooms, and demand control over their tax-funded schools.
I found the website in question, and as you can imagine, it's so unrepentant in its glorification of the deviant Homosexual Lifestyle that you'd think the thing was ghost-written by Jean Genet himself. And as we see, not even an avowed heterosexual can resist its gravitational pull:
Rabin embraces difference. Straight and married, he lobbies for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender kids through the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, as co-chairman and treasurer of its San Diego chapter. He recently won San Diego Pride's "Friend of the Year" award for his work. A former Eagle Scout, he turned in his badge and protested the Boy Scouts' bottom-dollar lease of Balboa Park, citing the group's exclusion of LGBT and atheist boys.
If you're like me, your jaw dropped upon learning that even married people can be assimilated into the militant anti-family shock troops. The homos have clearly made some sort of quantum leap in their recruitment techniques for this to happen, and I have sent email message after email message beseeching DHS chief Michael Chertoff to raise the terror threat level accordingly, at least until it can be investigated further. This is like suitcase nukes meets small pox, only ten times worse, and all the duct tape in the world won't keep all the gay away this time. Praise Him!

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