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Sunday, October 14, 2007

John Doe manifestations

I hope you'll forgive my recent lack of posts, Christians, but I've spent this past week watching the Graeme Frost story unfold across the internets and engaging in deep spiritual self-reflection about the role I want to play in the conservative blogosphere. I see my continued participation comes down to the following crux: Do I join the digital lynch mob calling for the scalps of the Frost family? Or do I anonymously post the names, pictures, and contact information of my pro-Democrat neighbors whom I suspect receive public assistance on FreeRepublic.com, with the hopes of diverting some of this rage towards them?

Obviously it's a hard call, with compelling arguments for both courses of action. The case against the Frosts is pretty much airtight. Citizen journalism at its finest has shown that the Frosts are a family of leeches who have yet to meet an institution, private or public, that they haven't been able to suck the blood out of. I've even received an email from a neighbor* implying that the injuries the Frost children suffered in the SUV accident were actually self-inflicted, with the intent of garnering the maximum amount of public sympathy and medical benefits possible.

Then again, my own neighbors are pretty nasty pieces of work themselves. The dad appears to have a job, but the mom stays at home with the newborn. Their car, a late model Toyota, has a "War is not the Answer" bumpersticker on it. I'm not quite sure what the dad does, as rummaging through their trash has been inconclusive, but it strikes me as quite an impossibility that he can afford this lavish lifestyle (an apartment in West Hollywood where monthly rent for 1-bedrooms starts around $1300, gas for the moonbatmobile, plus the occasional pizza delivery) and provide health insurance for his family without sucking on the public teat. Additionally, I should point out that many people who live in this neighborhood are Russian, so they could very well be communists, too.

With such a damning indictment against them, you're probably wondering why I haven't already rallied the troops to teach these parasites a lesson in personal accountability. Well, as Michelle Malkin has said, choices have consequences, and if some Freedom-loving patriot were to firebomb their apartment, it's conceivable that the flames could jump to my car, whose parking space is very close to their apartment. Also, some leftard blogger might even challenge me to a kickboxing duel, the thought of which leaves me trrrrembling... With. Laughter.

As you can see, I am still torn about which path to pursue, but I will continue to consult my Prayer Warriors for guidance in this matter. Praise Him!

*Not necessarily a neighbor of the Frosts.

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