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Monday, October 08, 2007

Interstellar overthrow

When you wish upon a star...

Astronomers are frequent accomplices of the Darwinists. Their Big Bang theory sets the perfect timeframe for that scientific fairy tale better known as Evolution, obscuring what would otherwise be the well-known fact that the earth was actually created on October 23, 4004 B.C., some time shortly after lunch. The damage astronomers have done to Freedom is incalculable, and the fact that MSM willingly runs their daily horoscopes in their newspapers shows how tightly interwoven this conspiracy against Christianity truly is.

If those were the only enemies of Our Nation the astronomers were consorting with. Jesus & I were taken aback by a very bright star this morning as we headed out to protest the gym, and wouldn't you know it, it's another step towards sharia:
YOU'VE SIMPLY got to look out the window at 6 a.m. Sure you'd rather sleep, but this one's worth setting the alarm for. You'll see the best Morning Star of this young millennium, the best conjunction of the year, and it's simply not going to hang there forever.

Venus has now swung to the edge of its orbit while at the same time attaining greatest brilliancy. Translation: This dazzling UFO rises not near dawn, its usual M.O. At six, when twilight is still dim, it stands fully 30 degrees high, enough to clear trees and hills. For many people, a peek out the east-facing window is enough to do the trick.

This Sunday, October 7, Venus meets the crescent moon in a display so glorious, an earlier conjunction of this kind inspired the symbol of the religion of Islam. It therefore appears on the flags of a dozen nations. That same morning, two lesser stars hover like fireflies around the two big luminaries. The blue one is Regulus, the alpha star of Leo. The other, slightly yellowish, is Saturn. If you'd like the full treatment and want to see this fine four-way conjunction, set the alarm a bit earlier, to 5:30 a.m., so that the background sky is fully black.
Sweet Jesus, raise the threat level to red! How many more "Religions" "of" "Peace" will this little stunt inspire to murderous heights of 9/11? The fact that anyone would draw attention to this dangerous phenomenon and help recruit a million more jihadis shows that they are on the side of the terrorists. And they wonder why we question their Patriotism? It's high time the American public woke up to this dangerous ruse the liberal media, the astronomers, and the Muslims have going on, before it's too late. Praise Him!

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