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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Educating Nancy Beth

More so than the ACLU or the Girl Scouts of America, if there were any organization that is singlehandedly responsible for turning our once proud country into a loose confederation of sex maniacs, it's the teachers' unions. The vacuum created by their relentless jihad against teaching Christian Values in public schools has instead been filled by the occult studies of Evolution, sex education, and geometry. While public schools may use the carrots of homosexuality and birth control to lure your children into their death camps, they also have one especially effective stick: forcing Christians to pay out of pocket to educate their children in the ways of Our Lord, rather than allowing them to use public funds. The children of Our Nation suffer terribly from The Left's penuriousness, to be sure, but they are hardly the only ones. As you can see, the financial hardship caused by denying vouchers to Christian schools has driven one poor educator into a shameful life of harlotry:
The principal at a Kentucky Catholic school is taking personal leave from his job after police in Louisville allegedly found him dressed as a woman and wearing bondage gear inside his car in a seedy part of town.

Paul A. Schum, 50, was cited for loitering for the purpose of prostitution late Tuesday by Louisville Metro police. Officers allege that they came across the educator inside his parked car when patrolling the neighborhood known for prostitution and narcotics.

Upon approaching the vehicle, police discovered Schum, principal at Bethlehem High School, in full costume, according to Officer Phil Russell, a spokesman for the Louisville Metro Police Department.

"He was wearing an all-black, leather, woman's outfit, fishnet stockings and women's black plastic breasts," Russell said, describing the part of town where Schum was found as "a problem area" for prostitution and drugs.
I point my finger in the face of every liberal and say, "You made this happen." Their intransigence over the imaginary line between Church and State is undoubtedly what drove this man over the edge and into netherworld of the sex trade. While the optimist in me prays that this is an isolated incident, the larger question remains: How many more Catholic school principals will be forced to walk the streets as transvestite hookers because The Left doesn't want your child to learn the Ten Commandments? This is a question we're ultimately going to have to answer in our national conversation about education, and avoiding it only prolongs the problem. If issuing vouchers for Christian schools increases access to Values-based instruction AND keeps tranny hookers off the street, then we are risking God's wrath not to try. Mr. President, tear down that imaginary wall, and Praise Him!

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  • At November 02, 2007 11:24 AM, Blogger liquiddaddy said…

    My Sister in Christ,

    The assaults upon my Christian Sensibilities are daily and never ending.

    Lurid tales of demonstrations in the schools, with a stick of butter, sexy fruit, mood music, long often shocking pink) glistening, MAGNUM-sized rubbers, only serve as a reminder:

    Everybody's having sex but me.

    "A cheerful countenance turns away the wrath."


  • At November 03, 2007 12:25 PM, Blogger proudprogressive said…

    see what the moonbats have driven our fine men of the cloth to ! Well clearly you do and before many of us in fact ! What a scoop Sister Nancy Beth - do you ever sleep ? You and Jesus must be working double time.

    Apparently everybody IS having sex accept LD and me. and truer words were never spoken , a cheerful contenance does indeed turn away the wrath.

    Lordy ! (oh my extra twenty to the 700 club came with the exciting news i can call Our Dear Lord Praise Him ! by a nick name ! ) hence the "Lordy" case where the flock might suspect my reference had become slip shod...oh no ! tis not the case at all.

    One step closer to the front lines of the culture war - PP


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