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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Note to self

Listen to more Fennesz:

That is all.

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  • At November 13, 2007 9:10 AM, Blogger proudprogressive said…

    what a soulful tonic ! Thank you.

    Its no wonder you stay so focused in the face of such persucution. I do believe those videos lowered my blood pressure.

    Hail Mary !

    oh here is some good news. in the dental area. (mentioned in your posts a bit back) you know i am way older than you so i hope you never have to do what i do - i had to get a molar yanked instead of repaired and at a clinic My San Francisco Dentist is but a distant memory now, ..cause now i am poor and have no insurance for dental - but not to worry !! oh merciful Jesus Praise Him ! no worries ..The Lord and Pat Robertson has a special deal , if I send twenty dollars and the yanked molar He sends 3 !!! free protein shake. YEP , spiritual mana and great for the toothless to boot ! On a bit of a dissapointing note, my molar during the archiac extraction split into peices - The dentist (a liberal)had to put his foot up on the dental chair just to brace himself while he used plyers to yank my molar. ( Sister i was praying hard but without folded hands as they were gripping the dental chair so he didn't pull me out of it with the tooth. What a day that was !!

    ..was it too much for me to ask Pat for 6 shakes instead of 3 ? apparently it was. I guess it was selfish, its true the Christian Orphans must need the shakes more than me.(at least thats what the letter said)

    I hope it never comes to that for you Sister Nancy Beth , Pat can be a little selective in his generosity.


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