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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Stop her now

As "she" has repeatedly demonstrated, Chairman Hillary hates America, hates Freedom, and hates the troops. But what she especially hates are small domestic animals. Her disdain for household pets is so great it even moved her to send her goons to rub out the cat of one of her detractors:
[Melanie] Morgan then specified, "You know, come on, that stuff with Kathleen Willey was pretty outrageous. What was that?" she said, smiling. "You guys ran over her cat? What was that all about?"

Morgan was referring to one of many threatening incidents Willey says culminated just two days before her testimony in the Paula Jones sexual harassment case in an encounter with a "mysterious jogger." The man, according to Willey, threatened her and her children, by name, and referred to her damaged car and missing 13-year-old cat. The message, she said, was clear: Remain silent.
Can't you just hear her cackle "I'll get you, my pretty -- and your little cat, too!" before she disappears in a puff of sulfurous smoke? As much as MSM tries to ignore the fact, this woman is pure evil. Thank God there is a thriving cottage industry devoted to documenting her many crimes... and at rock-bottom prices, no less. Until Hillary, her husband, and their demon-spawn daughter are incarcerated, there's no telling what horrid fates await the animals of America. Praise Him!



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