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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Stop Her Now

No, not Hillary, but Loretta Nall. The woman who innovated that form of terrorism known as political cleavage has struck again. This time she is assaulting Family Values with a new form of IED, the improvised exploding dildo:
The Birmingham News is reporting that Attorney General Troy King might push for tougher anti-obscenity laws in the next legislative session because of a recent court's ruling that the current laws are too vague with regard to Love Stuff, an adult toy shop.

Now, I only have six words to say to AG King about his anti-dildo crusade..FROM MY COLD DEAD FINGERS TROY!!!

I think that Troy may not have any experience with devices used in sexual pleasure, so, I am starting a crusade to introduce Troy King to the fabulous world of ben-wa balls, rubber weiners and pocket tooties. I want to encourage all of my readers to purchase a sex toy of some sort and send it to Alabama Attorney General Troy King.
It's enough to make a girl drop to her knees and pray for Rapture. But then again, any time a woman and her set of cans enters the political sphere, the cost to Freedom is enormous. Praise Him!

[update - Friday a.m. tinkering]

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