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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

School daze

It'll be on the final.

In the past, radical homosexual activists had to resort to clandestine means of instructing their recruits in the basics of terrorism. If you're like me, you probably didn't give those community recreation schedules so much as a passing glance before throwing them in the trash. But it was in those seemingly innocuous "Intro to Ballroom Dancing" and "Floral Arranging for Everyone" classes that the nancies could network, exchange risotto recipes, and plot how to out Republican senators while destroying Western Civilization. Now, having been emboldened by the electoral success of the Democrats in 2006 and growing public sentiment against the war in Iraq, they have seized control of California's public schools and are turning them into homosexual assembly lines:
On the heels of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's signature on S.B. 777, which opponents describe as a homosexual indoctrination plan for education districts, a pro-homosexual lobbying organization in California has launched its campaign to infuse a "gay" influence into public school curricula.

The Gay Straight Alliance recently forwarded an e-mail to its California chapters with information on how to make sure homosexuality is taught in the state's schools and warned that having students and parents simply "tolerate" homosexuality is not enough.

"In many schools, learning about LGBTQ issues takes the form of very necessary tolerance education where students are educated about the importance of not discriminating against each other," according to GSA documents. "Tolerance education is an important first step, but we need to push further.

"Infuse LGBTQ curriculum into history, social science, and literature classes," is the organization's plan.
This is a disaster in the making for Our Nation. Impregnating the beautiful minds of our precious children with the perverted love deeds of radical homosexual activists like Leonardo Da Vinci & John Maynard Keynes will result in a measurable uptick in homosexual experimentation, like joining the drama club. And how soon before other parts of the curriculum are subjugated to the whims of our homosexual overlords? Your child could come home one day and tell you about the new gay food pyramid they learned about in school (canap├ęs at the bottom, vodka-based cocktails in the middle, and quiche on top) and that he expects that to be in his newly acquired Cher lunchbox from here on out. The parental authority of Christian parents has been undermined enough, and it's time we draw the line. Parents, insist that your children be taught that homosexuals don't exist, or the terrorists will have won. Praise Him!

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