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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A haven for the homely

Islam may declare itself the "Religion of Peace," but "religion of frumpiness" may be a more apt description. Many thanks go to Prayer Warriors Little Green Footballs, who provide the translation of a Swedish article about how the women of Old Europe are embracing suicide bombing, rather than using makeup to overcome their spiritual inadequacies:
They convert to protest against the fixation with looks in our modern society. The tougher living conditions for women, who are supposed to both have a career and do the housekeeping, play a part, too. Many of the women feel that their lives lack a sense of purpose, but Christianity does not seem like a relevant alternative to them.
Is there a more horrible circle of Hell than the one reserved for these cosmetological cut & runners who couldn't hack their basic duties as Christian women? I dare say not. I certainly understand the temptation of saving three hours every morning by throwing on an old burka, rather than performing the elaborate beauty rituals of my Faith. But as Scripture tells us, we mustn't hide our candles under bushels. For if we do, then the terrorists have truly won. Praise Him!


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