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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Because I just hate showing up empty-handed

My workplace persecution was particularly fierce today, Christians, and my menial and degrading tasks kept me away from my computer for most of the day, thus the paucity of blogging. In fact, the only spark of blogging excitement I had came when I heard on the radio that Kirstie Alley was quitting her position as a member of the Dutch parliament and joining the American Enterprise Institute. "In your face, Sean Penn," I thought to myself, and tonight's blog entry about the courageous fight of Hollywood's latest renegade practically wrote itself. Unfortunately, the past two hours of intensive searching for a source -- any source -- to verify this have been absolutely fruitless. If anyone has any tips, please get in contact.

[UPDATE: Nevermind, it was Ayaan Hirsi Ali. It's good news, I guess, but these Muslims tend to start hating Freedom once they get a whiff of its heady fragrance. But I'm sure she'll feel right at home once she settles into the AEI.]

Because I know that Freedom requires many Sacrifices, and because I've got nothing else, I would like to honor the committment of those who gave all and recently added me to their blogrolls: In appreciation of your selflessness, I hereby present you with this lovely Michelle Malkin toilet paper cozy, who will safeguard your precious Charmin from jihad-waging illegal aliens and their sympathizers in the MSM with her trusty M16. Load, lock, & roll, Michelle. Praise Him!


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