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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Stop wildlife welfare

I've spent all morning trolling the internets looking for something to get Outraged about. I was afraid I'd come up empty-handed for you fine folks, but trusty Prayer Warrior CNSNews delivered in spades. According to them, today is Endangered Species Day, another Hallmark holiday trumped up by The Angry Left to bash Our President, impede economic growth, encourage vulnerability to terrorist attacks, and otherwise hate America:
Today, schools, libraries, museums, zoos and other organizations will "educate the public about the importance of protecting endangered species and highlight the everyday actions that individuals and groups can take to help protect our nation's wildlife, fish and plants," the coalition said in a press release.
Given the treasonous allegiances of America's schools, libraries, museums, and zoos, I have little faith that this will turn into anything but another Paul Wellstone/Coretta Scott King pep rally, where liberals, in their unhinged hatred of President Bush, trample over everything that makes Our Nation so special in the eyes of God. As you can see, my suspicions are not exactly baseless:
The group is urging Americans to "provide habitat for wildlife in your backyard"; write a letter to the editor about protecting endangered species (a sample is offered); thank lawmakers for supporting the Endangered Species Day resolution; sign a pledge to support the Endangered Species Act; and take a field trip to a local park, zoo or other endangered species habitat or event in your community.

"With over 1,800 species worldwide now listed as threatened and endangered, and thousands more threatened with extinction unless they are protected, every such public education effort is greatly needed," the coalition said.
Plenty of species seem to do just fine without this sort of mollycoddling, thank you very much, so let's just call this what it really is: an affirmative action program for those no-account species who can't pull their own weight. Liberals are forever working themselves into a lather about corporate welfare, handouts to big business, and cronyism in the Bush administration, but I've yet to see them so much as acknowledge the undeserved handouts being given to the shiftless birds & plants who make up the ranks of endangered species. Until spotted owls, black-footed ferrets, et al., start giving back to the country, rather than living off the public teat, The Left has once again shown the shortcomings of their infantile "reasoning."

Luckily for us, the moonbats haven't been able to silence all dissenting voices:
Wait a minute, says the National Center for Policy Analysis, which believes that "bureaucratic wrangling" prompted by the Endangered Species Act has endangered both animals and people.

CPA Senior Fellow H. Sterling Burnett says private property owners should be provided with an incentive to "create, enhance and improve habitat for endangered species," since 75 percent of those endangered species depend either entirely or in part on private property owners for their habitat requirements.
And what better way to enhance the quality of life for endangered plants & animals than by building gas pipelines and desert resorts for them to enjoy? It's time to let America be America again, as France's most recent candidate in our presidential election said, so let the Glorious engines of Commerce chug away. Praise Him!


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