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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

May Day, May Day - white people under siege!

How tragic for Our Nation that 5/01 must be added to the national lexicon under the same horrific circumstances as 9/11. I don't know about you, but I will always remember where I was while the Reconquista was happening: cowering behind my desk, reading Little Green Footballs, and praying to God that El Qu├ęda wouldn't storm the Beauty Palace and drag me out by my golden locks.

Naturally I wouldn't set foot anywhere near this sort of thuggery, but I did view with interest the LA Times' photographs of the protests, which struck me as further proof of the symbiotic relationship MSM has with the terrorists. Using the Spanish I learned in beauty school*, I now present to you the story liberal media doesn't want you to hear.

"We love you, Osama!" this banner proudly declares. It's not as if there weren't enough America-haters already in this country, but now the moonbats want to import them wholesale? Outrageous!

"Free Saddam!" this angry horde demands. Given President Bush's spineless response to the immigration problem, he probably will.

Here angry protesters are waving placards bearing Michelle Malkin's home address and phone number. Is there any low these people won't sink to?

I myself had a terrifying experience where I came face to face with the unhinged hatred these people have for America. Yesterday afternoon, after the storm had passed (or so I thought), I went to the local juice bar to get a smoothie. "I'll be with you in a moment" the Che Guevarette behind the counter hissed at me.

Christians, there are times when we must take a stand, and this was clearly one of them. "When did being a white person make me a second class citizen in my own country?" I challenged her.

"Uhm... do you want to speak to a manager?" she countered, her voice dripping with treason.

I was hardly about to engage her in her little America-blaming game. "Don't think you can sacrifice me to your winged serpent god just because you've got Our President in your pocket. I've seen Q, and I know exactly what you people have got in store for us."

"Next customer, please."

Sadly, she had me on the ropes, but I had one blow to deliver left in me. "I'll be damned if you try to take my apartment away from me and set me to work in your slave camps making tortillas. You haven't heard the last of this, missy!" I fled before she and her other Aztlan warriors could round me up.

So there you have it, folks -- a nightmarish vision of things to come, unless we Christians stand firm and guard Our Nation's borders from the menace of illegal immigration. Praise Him!

* It wasn't an actual Spanish class, just an old issue of People en Espanol in the student commons area that I flipped through once.


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