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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The fable of O

The Left continues to tout the existence of the elusive female orgasm, despite all biological evidence to the contrary. As I have often said, if The Lord intended for us to have such things, He would have given us penises. But regardless of what the facts and common sense say, liberals continue to pursue their great white whale -- and I don't mean Michael Moore (Ha! That joke never gets old!). I've often wondered what motivates them to pursue this specious black-is-white reasoning. For the longest time, I assumed that it was merely another entitlement program created to pander to one of their key constituencies. Today I have my answer: Pure, unalloyed hatred of America. Evidently ladyquakes are the carrots moonbats are using to lead the women of Our Christian Nation over a moral cliff:
"Male-centered cultures where sexual behavior is more oriented toward procreation tend to discount the importance of sexual pleasure for women," he said.
What's so wrong with that? I'd hate to see America follow Europe's lead and fall into a state of dhimmitude because our fertile women are awaiting a visit from The Perverted Left's version of tooth fairy, rather than grunting out freshly minted Christians. I say to my fellow Americans: Stay the course. One of our more Enlightened states has enacted legislation keeping Satan's prosthetic digits out of our ladyparts, and I am delighted to read that Our President is taking steps to secure Our Nation's Virtue. Praise Him!


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