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Friday, April 14, 2006

Friday random ten - digital bloodbath edition

I never thought it would happen so suddenly, but in transferring my cd collection to my computer, I've managed to completely fill my extra hard drive. I'm a bit disappointed, as I see now that the possibility of having my entire collection on an iPod was nothing more than a silly pipedream sold to me by those hucksters at Apple. This unhappy development did, however, force me to get back on track with my initial plans for the iPod: transfering decent songs from otherwise crappy cds & selling those cds back to Amoeba. In order to free up some space, I decided to weed out anything longer than 30 minutes in length. So while I am a firm believer in the power of epic stoner trance-outs, I'll have to resort to ye olden method of putting the friggin' cd in the stereo to hear the lengthier tunes. A moment of silence, then, for the fallen, who will never have the chance to appear in the random Friday ten again:

82 VII 15 c. 6:35 - 7:35 PM + c. 6:37 - 6:52.30 PM NYC - LaMonte Young and Marian Zazeela
Sen - Troum
Lovely - Climax Golden Twins
Mila's Journey Inspired by a Dream - Eliane Radigue
Lassithi - The Aeolian String Ensemble
The Garden Of Brokenness - William Basinski
Fuku - Kawabata Makoto
2/2 - Andrew Chalk
We've - Christina Carter & Gown
Blue Eyes Of The March 2 - Andrew Chalk

And in the never-had-a-prayer category, there's Coil's Queen of the Circulating Library, Jonathan Coleclough's Windlass, and Henry Flynt's C Tune. Tragic.
Also never likely to end up on the iPod is my fairly sizable collection of No Wave stuff, since the the thought of changing gears from the mellower art-rock stuff I'm so fond of these days to abrasive noise while on shuffle (its usual mode) seems unfair to other members of the Eczema-Christ household. My favorite of the original No Wave ensembles remains Mars, whose studied cacophony holds a shamanic appeal for me. A close second is DNA, whose former member, Robin Crutchfield, maintains a fascinating site that I once again recently stumbled across. It even has an exciting cosmetology/Christianity tie-in via his "Great-granddaughters of the Angels of Light." Tres chic, Robin! His site also has my favorite image ever, so take a look if you have few moments to spare. Praise Him!


  • At April 16, 2006 2:10 PM, Blogger Miss Albanian Sworn Virgin said…

    Dear Sister Nancy Beth:

    I have enjoyed your Christian Site for awhile and often read out bits to my "roomate" Major Barbara. (She is of the glorious Savation Army. Motto: Blood and Fire!)

    After pondering our dear Baby Jesus--today he rose!--and contemplating purity and how to achieve it, I came back home and put Ann Murray's Snowbird on the iPod and took that silly Jason Mraz's terrible cover of Summer Breeze off. I don't even know how that got on there, I suppose I must confess to some kind of unfortunate debauched Limewire evening.

    Yours in Christ, risen.
    Miss Albanian Sworn Virgin

  • At April 17, 2006 9:39 AM, Blogger Sister Nancy Beth Eczema said…

    Dearest Sister in Christ Miss Albanian Sworn Virgin: I am honored by your presence, as Albanian virgins hold a most exalted position in Our One True Faith. Keep honoring thy ladyparts!

    Adding Ann Murray to your iPod was a very wise choice. I find her classic ballad, "You Needed Me," a particularly effective means of countering the binding effects of too much red meat. Just a few bars of that Divine hymn sends shocks through my digestive tract. Glory!


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