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Monday, April 17, 2006


As a devoted reader of my Prayer Warriors, I'm used to watching The Left convert the institutions of America's civic life (churches, schools, libraries, etc) into mouthpieces for their anti-Christian & anti-American rhetoric. However, I had thought I had seen it all until I read how the moonbats were trying to turn those lone outposts of Christendom, beauty parlors, into recruiting zones for their sinful lifestyle:

Outside the Minnehaha County administration building here on a blustery morning, Elizabeth M. Hulscher approached anyone who came her way, asking them to sign a petition that would put the abortion ban on hold and send it to the ballot for the state's voters to consider in November. ...

Toni L. Popham, 48, grew emotional as she wondered aloud what her acquaintances near Watertown, 100 miles north of Sioux Falls, might think if she agreed to gather signatures in the beauty shop she owns. "Some of my clients may not like it," Ms. Popham said on a recent evening, tears suddenly filling her eyes. "I guess this is the time to stand up, but I don't know what people will think."

I'll tell you exactly what they'll think, young lady: That Saddam's network of social contacts in the Mount Rushmore State extends beyond Tom Daschle. 9/11 truly did change everything if the Christian women of America are going to be assaulted with Leftist propaganda at formerly safe havens like beauty parlors. If you keep this up, missy, your customers are going to be coming in wearing burkas, so get your treasonous fanny back to work. Praise Him!


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