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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

New Nancy-Cons

I've been Blessed with an abundance of visitors lately and would like to give a "shout-out" (in the parlance of America's youthful street thugs) to those responsible for helping steer all these needy souls to my Ministry. Using America's military superiority to advance the precepts of Christian cosmetology around the globe is bound to cause them to be viewed as apostates by many, if not all, on The Left, so they need all the spiritual consolation with which we can provide them -- just ask Roger L Simon. Special thanks go to newly added Nancy-Cons Acid Reflux (penned by the charmingly monikered Miss Retro Virus), Bride of Acheron (as long as the bride is a woman and this Acheron person is a man, I'm cool with it), and Swede and Czech. TBogg has finally seen The Light and is upgraded from Whore of Heresy to Nancy-Con as well.

I must admit to having been caught a little off guard by the sudden influx, so I'm going to have my own little loaves 'n' fishes moment here by whipping up my favorite Swede & Czech-themed dish: Swedish meatballs garnished with Infant Jesus of Prague (my own recipe!). Bon appetit, everybody.

Praise Him!


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