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Friday, April 28, 2006

Friday random ten: Nancy in the sky with diamonds edition

It's a bit heavy on the trippy stuff this week; perhaps this is The Lord's way of letting me know that I no longer need to abstain from my beloved ceremonial frankincense now that Lent is over.

Stretched Guitars Lie Slo - Aidan Baker & Ultra Milkmaids
Diarabi - Boubacar TraoreƬ
King's Ogg - Lee Ranaldo
About You - ESG
Steppin Out - Michelle Shocked
Come Back Baby - Aretha Franklin
7:20 A.M. Jullandar Shere - Cornershop
Trobairitz - Fursaxa
Saint Augustine In Hell - Sting
Orange - Makoto Kawabata/Richard Youngs


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