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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Arabian bandstand

I don't know if the rest of you have seen the most recent issue of Time, but Osama's court minstrels, the Dixie Chicks, are on the cover, rather than on the FBI's most wanted posters where they belong. It Outrages me to no end that MSM lionizes these traitorous hussies as free-speech advocates, all the while engaging in Stalinistic purges of us true Freedom-lovers. But that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the threat America's musicians present to Our Nation. Maybe I've only become more aware of this trend, but it seems that Hollywood, having sensed that America wants its movie houses filled with wholesome fare that honors God & Country, would much rather wage jihad over His Country's radio waves. Here's my very own personal "mix tape" of the poison they're brainwashing our children's minds with lately:

Moby goes to bat for Iran: Over at his blog, radical Islam's favorite techno pioneer opines thusly:
i'm posting the letter that the president of iran recently sent to president bush.
apart from his anti-zionism he makes a lot of very salient and relevant points.
it's a long read, but it's worth taking 10 minutes to read what really is a very remarkable document.
my posting this letter here does not mean that i'm endorsing it, although he does make a lot of great points.
Yeah, well, people may think that Moby makes a lot of remarkable music, but in light of his eagerness to help destroy America (and capitalization in the process), I am most assuredly not endorsing it.

American Idol rigged by feminazis; America weakened: This uncredited Corner entry confirms something that I've long suspected: Hillary and her band of humorless Amazons will even tamper with American Idol's voting system to prove some asinine point about gender equality, and the resulting domino effect will ultimately cripple America's newly totally co-ed armed forces:
Consider it called. Kat will win and it will be a women's triumph over some nonexistent glass ceiling in the music industry.
When women sing, America pays the price. Please don't let these can-can girls destroy Our Country.

Madonna blasphemes God, lives in a 9/10 world: I haven't heard whatever album she's touring in support of, but if this is any indication, it's nothing but fatwas against Republicans set to slinky Eurodisco beats:
You want to really impress us with your “bravery?”

Take a hint from LC & IB Bill Quick.

Stretch your naked, skanky, aging body out on a crescent. Urinate on a prayer rug. Make a picture of yourself performing cunnilingus on a replica of the vagina of the black rock in Mecca.

You want to really turn yourself into an icon against established religion? You want to hear your name whispered in awe of your bravery? You want to become a crusader against dogma and the establishment? Go ahead, because there’s your chance. Stand up, just for once in your miserable, useless life, to something and somebody likely to actually strike back rather than shake their heads in pity.

But of course you won’t do such a thing. That would require actual bravery and, as we all know, the only “bravery” exhibited among the feckless, “progressive” cowards is the kind that doesn’t involve any actual, you know, risk.
I personally believe Madonna should engage in the ultimate act of bravery: pen nasty diatribes on her blog about celebrities who haven't tailored their stage acts to the liking of America's heroic warbloggers. From every mountain top, then, let Freedom ring!

Fortunately for us Christians, a movement is afoot to restore rock music to its original aims: promoting Faith in God and obedience to Authority. I for one am sickened by the rebellion being sold by these hooligans, and rock music, once so full of promise, has become another item on America's rap sheet that has diminished our standing in the eyes of the Almighty. The sooner it returns to its roots, the better. Praise Him!


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