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Sunday, April 27, 2008

I put a spell on you

The 2008 election presents Our Nation with one very important question: Who hates America more -- Barack Hussein Obama, or his radical associates? Already we've made the unfortunate acquaintanceship of one "Reverend" Jeremiah Wright, whose idea of an American utopia would be a tribal headhunter society, and William "Bill" Ayers, the one man who's come closest to killing off American Capitalism since Franklin "Delano" Roosevelt. Just when you thought this drum circle of homos, hippies, and negroes couldn't get any larger, Prayer Warriors WorldNetDaily have unearthed the latest radical out to destroy God and Country hiding in the Obama camp:
In the same week the Obama campaign quietly removed from its official website a page managed by a fundraiser tied to the Islamic terrorist group Hamas, its official blogger has come under attack as a "hardcore Marxist" for hanging a Communist Party flag in his Harvard campus apartment and publishing in a self-professed 'revolutionary Marxist' journal.

Sam Graham-Felsen, a journalist-on-leave from The Nation, joined Obama for America in March 2007 where he works for the New Media department as the official blogger, daily presenting the campaign's public face. Now he's under fire for his reputed Marxist sympathies from bloggers at Common Ills on the left and Little Green Footballs on the right.

Graham-Felsen, according to a 2003 article in the Harvard Crimson, adorned one corner of his shared student apartment with "a Communist Party flag ... bought on their trip to Russia the summer after sophomore year."
This is a tremendously alarming development. Ronald Reagan, as we all know, drove a silver stake through the heart of the Evil Empire back in 1989, which means someone must have somehow reanimated it: Has Barack Hussein Obama brought World Communist back from the dead, possibly through some sort of negroid voodoo spell? He is, after all, black; furthermore, his past religious associations point towards some sort of Marxist Afro-Islamic occult practice. I only wish there were another debate on the horizon, so that a conscientious member of our media could ask him what other failed ideologies he will be bringing back from the dead by killing chickens. Praise Him!

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