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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Powder burns

This could be you.

When guns are criminalized, only criminals will have guns -- criminals, and Chairman Hillary's mercenary army of feminazi stormtroopers. In what was surely meant as a demonstration of strength against her opponents in the Shia/Sunni civil war presently convulsing the Democrat Party, Hillary has shown that she's packing heat and isn't afraid to use it:
Hillary Clinton appealed to Second Amendment supporters on Saturday by hinting that she has some experience of her own pulling triggers. ...

“You know, my dad took me out behind the cottage that my grandfather built on a little lake called Lake Winola outside of Scranton and taught me how to shoot when I was a little girl,” she said.
Hillary's expert marksmanship comes as no surprise to those of us who've examined the evidence in Vincent Foster "suicide," whereby she delivered a fatal, print-free shot to his head, penned a convincing suicide letter, and even had sex with his dead body, just for old time's sake, before the park rangers could find him. This is probably why she's so eager to change the subject:
After a weekend spent making direct appeals to gun owners and church goers, Hillary Clinton said Sunday a query about the last time she fired a gun or attended church services "is not a relevant question in this debate” over Barack Obama’s recent comments on small town Americans.

“We can answer that some other time,” Clinton said at a press conference held in a working class neighborhood here. “This is about what people feel is being said about them. I went to church on Easter. I mean, so?”
I assumed Hitlery's death squads would execute her opponents so she could go about signing her "mandates" for compulsory homosexuality for all Our Nation's citizens undisturbed, but these recent disclosures leave me to think she relishes each one of her kills. Barack Hussein Obama has clearly taken notice:
"She's running around talking about how this is an insult to sportsmen, how she values the Second Amendment," he said, his voice rising. "She's talking like she's Annie Oakley! Hillary Clinton's out there like she's on the duck blind every Sunday, [like] she's packin' a six shooter! C'mon! She knows better."
Translation: Tell that white bitch I'm coming with a scimitar to decapitate her on YouTube for showing her hair in public.

While at first glance the prolonged feud between these sects appears to be excellent news for Republicans, the long-term implications are indeed troubling: The battle-hardened victors, like a fierce band of Spartan homosexuals, their taut, muscled torsos glistening with olive oil, may ultimately overtake Freedom's defenders come November, installing their puppet government loyal to Tehran (via San Francisco). In preparation for this epic battle of civilizations, I'm watching the Collector's Edition of Red Dawn and memorizing the most patriotic bits of dialogue, and I urge you to do the same. Praise Him!

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