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Friday, March 14, 2008

Un-American Pi

If working towards my GED has taught me nothing else (and it probably hasn't), the entire public school curriculum is riddled with anti-Christian & anti-American bias. You're most familiar with The Left's attempts to undermine Biblical Morality and brainwash your child into the gay Muslim lifestyle through sex "education," the theory of evolution, and English literature courses, but that's merely the tip of the iceberg. Geometry is often portrayed as an objective form of mathematics, despite its origins in the radical homosexual underworld of ancient Greece, yet today one of its most sinful constants is being celebrated in all its perversity:
If this is 3/14, it must be Pi Day. In fact, it’s the 20th anniversary of the first Pi Day, a feast that began at the San Francisco Exploratorium and has been rightfully spreading in a great circle around the world.
What MSM doesn't want to tell you is that Pi is a blasphemous occult symbol that represents two broken Crucifixes joined together in unholy fornication. It is featured prominently in the iconography of teenage goth culture, that intermediate stage between homosexuality and/or mass murder, as Pi necklaces are as de rigeur as black eyeliner and self-mutilation with this crowd. But that's only half geometry's twisted story. In further denunciation of the Holy Trinity, and as a reminder of its origins in polytheism and male group sex, it allows for multiple sided polyhedrons that seek to lead your child into a dangerous lifestyle of anything-goes immorality. Sadly, this isn't the only form of math that has been tainted by The Left's multicultural agenda. Algebra, as its Arabic sounding name indicates, was derived from the Koran, and all of the 9/11 hijackers had studied it in their madrasas. In my correspondence course, when I said the answer to "x4 - 9x2 + 8" was Prayer, my teacher flunked me right on the spot, in direct violation of the Freedom of religion guaranteed by the First Amendment. This whole experience has shown me that it is essential that we homeschool our young Christians to prevent them from being exposed to this sort of liberal filth. It also explains why liberals are so keen on keeping your child in their indoctrination camps. Praise Him!

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