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Monday, March 17, 2008

More like this, please

The Left has been working overtime to discredit Conservatism, even going so far as to claim that Our President's bold and decisive leadership "killed the Republican brand." Their propaganda has been so effective that we're looking at the strong probability our next president will either be an angry, America-hating Black Panther or the lezbo who ran their legal defense. But leave it to MSM to only tell you half the story. There are some places where conservatism is still in its ascendancy -- like Iran:
Conservatives win Iran election

Conservative candidates in Iran's general election have kept control of parliament, in line with expectations.

They did particularly well in the capital, Tehran, which is seen as the key to parliamentary power.
This is excellent news for conservatives! Iran has been a steadfast spiritual ally in The Global War on Dick-sucking, and with this vote, they're one step closer to coming to theirs senses and actually bombing themselves. So sorry, liberal media, you can spin the present Republican setbacks all you want, but this just proves that old adage that when one door closes, another gets napalmed open. Praise Him!

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