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Thursday, April 03, 2008

And would it kill you to iron once in a while?

In their haste to destroy capitalism and move Our Nation to their green, carbon-neutral gynocracy, liberals have produced vast amounts of junk science linking global warming to fossil fuel consumption, even though reputable scientists have found the relationship between the two to be tenuous at best. All of this is an elaborate subterfuge to leave us poor and hungry and keep us from identifying the true cause of global warming: Feminism. If Hillary & her band of angry bra-burners hadn't goaded the women of America into divorcing their husbands, killing their children, and joining the workforce, these former housewives would have stayed at home, kept house, and kept at bay a significant factor in global warming, dust:
Scientists know that dust affects climate. Tiny particles create veils that reflect sunlight and cool the atmosphere. Dark particles absorb sunshine and warm things up. But as scientists look deeper into the dust-climate connection, they find that they have underestimated its importance.

Research published April 3 in Nature reveals the tight linkage between atmospheric dust flows and Antarctic temperatures during ice ages over the past 800,000 years. A research review published March 23 in Nature Geoscience online shows that black carbon particles in the atmosphere have a more powerful global-warming effect than any of the greenhouse gases except carbon dioxide. And these particles are 60 percent as effective as CO2 itself. That's far more powerful than the estimate in last year's report of the UN-sponsored Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).
I find it unconscionable that none of the treaties moonbats are so hep about us signing to solve the global warming "crisis" include any provisions that require women to return to their traditional Christian roles as homemakers. There are no shortage of policy tools our government could use -- tax cuts, eliminating overly restrictive regulations, corporate bailouts, tax cuts -- that could achieve this end. That the national conversation has been allowed to progress this far without any serious discussion of the matter shows just how uncommitted The Left is to solving the problem of global climate change. Let's hope a true conservative (or someone as close as we're going to get this election cycle) assumes control of the White House so we can deal with this problem once and for all. Praise Him!

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