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Monday, January 21, 2008

Honoring Dr. King the conservative way

America's first black president.

The Martin Luther King holiday presents us with the opportunity to reflect upon one Universal Truth in America's struggle for racial equality: That black people would be far better off if they voted Republican. If liberals hadn't enacted hiring quotas, George Bush wouldn't have had to nominate Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court, and a generation of young Americans would have been spared the horror of Orrin Hatch talking about carbonated beverages garnished with pubic hair . Anita Hill's tasteless peepshow gave us weeks of hearing about what kind of porno she likes to rent (I myself have to avert my eyes every time I pass a certain fast food restaurant), which quickly led to gangster rap, and, shortly thereafter, a crack cocaine epidemic brought about by Bill Clinton's despotic penis.

I for one thought the Black community would wise up and mobilize behind a Republican candidate (today's fun fact: Mitt Romney learned to speak fluent Jive before leaving the country for missionary work in Massachusetts!), but Prayer Warrior Michelle Malkin shows how once again liberals are trying to undo the impressive strides Negroes have made under Republican administrations:
In Birmingham, Alabama, today’s official Martin Luther King, Jr., holiday will be about…open borders (hat tip - reader Stephen):
The keynote speaker for the Martin Luther King Unity Breakfast on Monday is a Kansas native and the daughter of Mexican immigrants.

Organizers said they chose Janet Murguia, the president and chief executive officer of the National Council of La Raza, because of her message of unity and her opposition to a resurgence of hate speech in the immigration debate. ...

Murguia said she intends to speak about common challenges and opportunities for blacks and Hispanics.

“We recognize that the immigration system is broken and it requires a serious debate,” she said, “but there’s no room in that debate for hate, and we’re sensing a wave of hate right now that’s not only directed at immigrants, but the Hispanic community.”
I share Michelle's alarm at the prospect of cooperation between these two disgruntled liberal constituencies. Black people are notoriously tall, and if they were to start boosting illegal immigrants up over the Great Wall of Tom Tancredo, sidewalks of our border states would soon turn into a virtual autobahn upon which illegal immigrants mow over our children with their unlicensed pushcarts. It'll be like Death Race 2000, only dubbed into Spanish by the UC Santa Cruz chapter of MEChA. The Africanish-American community would do well to keep that in mind, and to recognize these offers for cross-racial dialogue about immigration policy as the murderous ploys they really are. Praise Him!

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