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Friday, January 04, 2008


From the Department of Accordance With Prophesy, Pat Robertson predicts that the Heathen Chinee will finally have their come-to-Jesus moment:
"What I'm praying about is China. I'm asking for 250 million in China. We haven't had that breakthrough yet but I think we're going to get it. God's going to give us China. And China will be the largest Christian nation on the face of the earth. They're going to come to Jesus."
Compare this with the equally inspired Word of God, Red Dawn:
Jed Eckert: ...Well, who *is* on our side?
Col. Andy Tanner: Six hundred million screaming Chinamen.
Darryl Bates: Last I heard, there were a billion screaming Chinamen.
Col. Andy Tanner: There *were*.
Glory! If Brother Pat predicts the armed invasion of America by a bunch of grubby Mezken commies, I'm petitioning the Pope for the beatification of Patrick Swayze. Praise Him!

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