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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Drive-by media strikes again

MSM has issued yet another broadside against Christianity in Our Nation, showing once again that Christians remain America's most Persecuted minority. The latest attack on people of Faith comes from the "Christian" Science Monitor's Ariel Sabar, who claims that there has been too much discussion of religion in the primaries:
Presidential candidates of both parties have talked more openly about their religious beliefs this year than in elections past, lifting a window on some of the values that could shape their decisions in the Oval Office. But the political benefits of such candor are not always clear in a country where most Republicans and Democrats believe in separation of church and state. ...

Recent surveys of voters have found that beyond a basic perception that a presidential candidate has faith, "there isn't necessarily any particular benefit," Mr. Keeter said in a phone interview. "Indeed, there could potentially be a downside, with more secular people reacting negatively to what they see as excessive displays of faith" calculated for political gain.
I'm touched by their concern for the feelings of atheists and other hellbound constituencies, but these monsters have been allowed to dominate the national conversation on Faith for too long. If there's any problem that's genuinely newsworthy, it's that there isn't enough coverage of Christianity, either from the campaign trail, or from any of the other fora from which MSM reports. While apparitions of Our Heavenly Queen on toasted cheese sandwiches and other delicious foodstuffs go largely ignored, "global warming" and other liberal bugbears dominate the headlines.

This is similar to the complaint lodged by the moonbats that there's too much focus on meaningless stories like hairdos and frown lines. If MSM were truly interested in fulfilling its role as public watchdog, they'd be giving us more of both of these types of stories. America needs to know if the man they elected president spends most of his time (or her time, now that I think about it) bowing towards Mecca and praying that those 72 virgins Allah has promised are hot babes like Ann Coulter. Likewise, if John Edwards' first impulse in a crisis is to give each side of his head 80 strokes with his trusty brush, this should be front page news. How can Hillary realistically expect to use diplomacy to solve the problems her husband's administration created in Iraq when she looks like an old crone? MSM clearly has no interest in covering the stories that are of vast importance to rank and file voters like you and me, so I applaud our Citizen Journalists who have taken up their slack. Praise Him!

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