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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Closing my eyes & thinking of England

She may have a royal stick up her ass, but at least she married her babies' daddy.

It's perfectly natural that Our Nation has had such an enduring alliance with Great Britain, despite their atrocious oral hygiene. Whether its the heckuva job those limeys did in Basra or our mutual love affair with royal families, it's clear we both possess a strong work ethic and a respect for our social betters that spring from our shared Christian heritage. However, as much as we may have enjoyed a close relationship in the past, recent developments should make us reconsider whether we want to continue having anything to do with these pasty-faced tea-sippers.

The first alarming bit of news comes from Prayer Warriors ChristianPost, who tell us that the once eminent Victorians have shed their Virtue and are now more spiritually allied to the harlotry of Victoria's Secretions. Appalling:
Over half of babies born to British women this year were born outside of marriage, according to newly released figures. ...

”We should not be surprised because for the last 20 years or more the state has connived with the metropolitan classes to tell everyone that the structure of their family does not matter in bringing up children,” Iain Duncan Smith, founder of the Center for Social Justice and a member of the parliament, told the London-based Telegraph newspaper.

"The Government has progressively removed any support for marriage, and the benefit system discriminates against couples who marry. This is a significant social landmark but it is also a very tragic story. People should recognize that what has happened has done more to damage the prospects of children than at any time for more than 100 years."
Moonbats are constantly citing England's healthcare system as a model for socialized medicine in Our Nation, despite the fact it's so terrible it even gave Rudy Giuliani's prostate cancer. The only conclusion I can draw from this is that single-payer health insurance is really another liberal plot to attack the Traditional Family. Will one of the requirements for HillaryCare be that you produce an out-of-wedlock child? The smart money says yes!

What's even more horrible, if you can imagine, is that the kids who aren't illegitimate pose an even greater threat to Christian Values -- because they're Muslims!
Statistical information released yesterday showing Muhammad is the second most popular boys name in Britain "proves Islam is becoming the majority in the UK and will one day enter every house in Europe," a senior terror leader told WND in an interview. ...

According to statistics released yesterday by Britain's Office of National Statistics, Muhammad was the most popular boys name in the UK when all of its spellings are accounted for. Jack, cited as the most popular boy's name, fell from last year by 156 babies, while Muhammad showed a regular spike. If trends continue, Muhammad could be the most popular boys name in Britain next year.
If only America's Christian parents showed similar devotion to their Faith when naming their children. How horrible it is to know that today's generation of Ethans, Ashtons, and Tanners will someday be locked in an epic clash of civilizations, most likely when they're in pre-school, and will be woefully unprepared to battle jihad because their parents didn't name them Victor Davis or Michelle Maglalang, thereby instilling in them a proper love of Freedom.

Should these trends continue, our longstanding friendship with Great Britain will cease to be a benefit to National Security and will undoubtedly become a liability. Just as parents worry their teenagers will fall in with the wrong crowd, so too should we worry that America's allies will have her engaging in pre-marital sex, ditching school, and fasting during Ramadan. The Coalition of the Willing shows that there are no shortage of countries willing to be our friends if the price is right, so I say now's the time to say cheerio to England and see if Eritrea wants to come over for a play date. Praise Him!

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