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Monday, December 17, 2007

Putting the fruit in fruit flies

Hey there, sailor, new in town?

As a Christian, I'm used to "science" constantly trying to undermine my Faith. Most of the attacks come from the Darwinists, who have been trying to force us to get it on with primates for 150 years now as part of their wacky "theory" of "evolution." Fortunately America has demonstrated a resoluteness against this onslaught of perversion that would make even Our President proud. Regrettably, that's only one front in The Left's war on Christianity.

The advancement of homosexuality is another pet cause for "science," presumably because so many scientists themselves are gay or wish they were. Part of their plan for turning Our Nation of Christian warriors into a EU-style commonwealth of florists and hairdressers is arguing that homosexuality is "natural," seemingly forgetting that such things like botulism and ebola are natural, too, and equally deadly. In their latest attempt to prove that homosexuality is predetermined rather than chosen out of spite, they're genetically modifying fruit flies into fun-loving bisexual swingers:
Is there a switch that turns you gay? That's the startling question raised again by a recent experiment in which scientists said they were able to turn on and off homosexual behavior in fruit flies.

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago said they discovered what they call a "gender blind gene," or GB, in male fruit flies. A mutation in this GB gene spurred the males flies to start courting other males, as well as females. ...

"We put the males together, and they did to each other what they do when they're interested in a female: They approach her, sing her a song, lick her ... and mount her," researcher David Featherstone told ABCNEWS.com.

"They treated other males exactly the way they would treat other females. We put male flies in a chamber with males and females, and they were attracted to both with equal frequency."
Maybe it's the emotional scars left from all those sleepless nights back in the 70's worrying about killer bees, but I can hardly imagine the horrors that await should these bi-curious fruit flies somehow escape from this lab. America's orchards, fruitbowls, and produce sections would soon be turned into lurid pick-up spots listed on the internet where undercover police officers entrap Republican congressmen.

And it's not just fruit flies that scientists are recruiting; they're also creating a plague of vermin in comfortable shoes:
In another recent study, researchers showed how they could alter the way female mice smell the the sexual secretions, or pheromones, of other mice, and turn them into "lesbian mice."
Again, this is horrible stuff, not just in its irresponsibility, but in its blatantly anti-American objectives. Parents, if you've ever needed a reason to keep "science" out of your child's classroom, this is it. Praise Him!

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