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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Special Victims Unit

These lucky bastards got a free trip across the Atlantic & Michelle Malkin can't even get a booking on the National Review Caribbean cruise.

If anyone's life has been tragically ruined by Affirmative Action, it's Michelle Malkin's. Not only has she been shut out of MSM's editorial pages in favor of liberal womyn's columnists like Maureen Dowd and Mickey Kaus, but even her saturation of the market for right-wing commentary is threatened by Affirmative Action hires like Starr Parker and Ramesh Ponnuru. Poor Michelle can't catch a break, but until that day comes, there's one way she can make herself feel better: exposing liberal traitors to the collective wrath of the conservative blogosphere.

Michelle's latest oppressor is female and black, so you know Michelle has suffered mightily at her hands. She's had Michelle working doubletime at Townhall just so she could pay the taxes that fund this woman's lavish lifestyle of public housing. I can't help but note the irony here: The massive "strides" Our Nation has made in "civil" "rights" have resulted in a new form of slavery in which conservatives toil on the plantations of our black Communist homosexual masters... but that's probably a blog post for another time. Getting back to my original point, it is an Outrage, especially when Michelle hurls the most damning indictment:
So, does she look familiar? This Sharon Jasper is the same Sharon Jasper profiled in the New Orleans Times-Picayune sulking in her government-subsidized apartment with hardwood floors and HUGEtastic flat-screen television and complaining that it’s a “slum:”
There's no word on what kind of countertops she has in her kitchen, but it's probably high-end onyx. Michelle is driving there right now & will be issuing updates about what she can see through the living room window. Praise Him!

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