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Friday, January 04, 2008

Post traumatic stress cat blogging

I'm still trying to wrap my head around why the Democrats of Iowa hate America so much they'd select a madrassa-trained terrorist to be their presidential candidate. Personally, I suspect it's the usual cocktail of vote suppression and election rigging that Democrats love mixing up, but who's to say there wasn't an influx of of those terrorist-sympathizing illegal immigrants I'm always reading about on World Net Daily? It's all very confusing -- as we say on the Internets, "developing..." -- so, as a sort of head-cleaner for my brain, I'm going to post pictures of my cat:

"Feed me!" he's saying here, and he is quite the taskmaster. It's not as if I've kept track, but I could probably count the number of mornings he's let me sleep later than 7 a.m. over the past 16 years on two hands. As a happy postscript, the biopsy for the cyst that was removed from his paw two weeks ago came back negative, so hopefully I can look forward to many more years catering to his whims long before the break of day. Praise Him!



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