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Saturday, March 25, 2006

The RedState will rise again

The moonbats are having an obvious field day with the Crucifixion of St. Ben Domenech, and the spectacle has been as luridly grotesque as any of us can imagine. However, my take on all of this is that, instead of proving some spurious and typically unhinged point about the intellectual dishonesty of us conservative bloggers, it actually proves one of the central tenets of Christianity, and by extension, conservatism: that Eternal Truths do exist. How else could Ben and Cox News film critic Steve Murray come to identical points of view, other than through the Guiding Hand of Providence? The real surprise in all of this is that The Lord cares so deeply about the movie Final Fantasy that he would have two people Reveal its message. Let's add it to the Canon, alongside Red Dawn.

Happily, something tells me we haven't heard the last from Ben. As I watched the Daily Kossacks drag Ben's corpse through the streets of their virtual Fallujah, I was struck by the following passage:
Ben Domenech did not get his position at the Washington Post based on merit. He got his position because of connections. He was home-schooled in part because his family--unlike most American families--could maintain a comfortable living with only one parent working outside the home. He got in to William and Mary, but he did not come close to graduating. (And given his penchant for plagiarism, one would have to wonder if intellectual thievery prompted a forced departure from William and Mary.) Nevertheless, despite no degree or significant life accomplishments, he got some patronage jobs in the Bush administration, no doubt because his father is an upper level GOP apparatchik. He has gotten bylines over at that bastion of heartless blue bloods, the National Review Online. He was a founder of Redstate.com. (And can you believe those clowns have shut down comments from new members, banned anyone who criticizes Domenech, and are actively defending this thief?) And he parlayed all those connections in to getting the Washington Post gig while still in his mid-20's.
With qualifications like that, Ben should be our next president. It would be like the Second Coming of President Bush. Praise Him!


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