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Friday, March 17, 2006

And many more...

My Prayer Warriors at Powerline link to a harrowing piece about what would have happened had President Bush followed the wishes of the Dixie Chicks and acquiesced to the evil Saddam. As we near the third year anniversary of the liberation of Iraq, I can only say how grateful I am to Our President for relieving us of the terrifying spectre of Saddam's balsa-wood drones raining their deadly payload down upon us Christians of America. The nightmare of Saddam turning his not-quite nuclear grade aluminum tubes into the world's longest blowgun stills wakes me up in a feverish night sweat, as does the possibility of Our Nation's skies being filled with unsightly Iraqi artillery balloons. Had President Bush not had the courage and resolve to stand up to Barbra Streisand, Abu Ghraib would still be the site of unspeakable crimes, rather than home to the boisterous high jinks it's come to represent. Domestically, it's nice to see America's ethnic minorities making themselves useful for a change, by serving in the armed forces, rather than indulging in their usual super-predatory criminal behavior (and mad props go to the College Republicans, who've successfully rallied the folks at home). Most importantly, had Our President blinked, Iraq would never have become the Land of Opportunity it is today, where everyone, regardless of clan, ethnicity, or religious affiliation, is equally free to be killed by car bombs or death squads. Despite what the critics of Our Glorious Venture may say, civil war is merely the final stage of the death throes that Saddam's loyalists must go through, after which the country will be Born Again as a thriving democracy. Thank you, President Bush, for the resolve in ushering us into the glorious new era for America. Praise Him!


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