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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Saving face

One of the most challenging aspects of my devotion to The Word is navigating the Path of Righteousness in a world where moral absolutes are constantly denigrated. The Left points to every discrepancy between a Christian's words and his actions as conclusive proof of the supremacy of their pet theological cause, Moral Relativism, a variant of Secular Humanism wherein siblings are encouraged to intermarry and then abort their unborn children. What these moonbats haven't figured out, though, is that moral absolutes, much like the earth's magnetic field, undergo dramatic and nearly instantaneous reversals, and then switch back just as quickly.

Take, for instance, plastic surgery. Some of Our Nation's finest Christians have resorted to plastic surgery to absolve themselves of the sins that makeup alone cannot, and the results have truly been Miraculous -- praise Him!

Yesterday, however, I noticed that my Prayer Warrior Tammy Bruce had linked round-aboutly to an LA Times article which casts plastic surgery in a most unflattering light. "Uh-oh," I can hear you say, "Liberal Media versus Christianity." Well, your fears are not unfounded. In an act so sacrilegious that flag burning seems downright wholesome in comparison, women are using plastic surgery to "rejuvenate" their ladyparts, rather than letting them serve as the source of constant Shame that The Lord intended them to be.

Would anyone be the least bit surprised that MSM uses this as an opportunity to cast the credibility of Christian women in a suspect light? I'm sure our friends at LA Times especially savored writing this bit:
But Dr. V. Leroy Young, who chairs the Emerging Trends Task Force of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, says the true gauge of these procedures' popularity may lie precisely in the fact that, far from either coast, conservative heartland women are paying doctors like him to perform them.

Young performs about two to three vulvar procedures a month on women who "would never dare ask the question at a church social," but who can now learn about such procedures on the Internet and on TV. "It's right here in middle America," says Young, whose practice is based in Creve Coeur, Mo., a suburb of St. Louis.
Sadly, plastic surgery is no longer the redemptive Sacrament it once was just two days ago. If it has become a means by which Satan dips his fingers into our ladyparts, then Jessica Simpson has done Christianity and the Republican Party a tremendous favor by not showing up at that RNC fundraiser and touting her godless little charity. How could the RNC even know that plastic surgery had fallen from Grace with God? It probably happened while their invitation was in the mail. I will do my part to warn the fallen daughters of Eve of the perils of this wicked practice... until, of course, it no longer is one. Praise Him!


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