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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Hot, steaming outrage, coming right up

Hello, Christians! I've been looking over my blog, and I've noticed it's been ages since I've been Outraged about anything. Maybe The Left has finally beaten me into a state of submission through their constant assaults on Taste & Decency; maybe Michelle Malkin has been too busy with her cable tv appearances to stoke the fires of Christian Wrath over at her blog. Whatever the reason, I can safely say I am long overdue for some Outrage. Fortunately for us, Hollywood has been up to its usual tricks, so let's get incensed!

I think it's an Outrage that Hollywood's crown prince, George Clooney, feels the need to further coarsen the political discourse in this country by dropping an f-bomb over at the Huffington Post. Does being a liberal in Hollywood go hand in hand with cursing like an Academy Award-winning gangsta rapper? This sort of infantile posturing on the part of The Left only estranges coastal elites from Heartland America even further... if that's even possible at this point. I know what my liberal detractors will say: "But what about Dick Cheney? Didn't he tell Patrick Leahy to go f--- himself?" Well, moonbats, there's a world of difference between Dick Cheney's exercising his Vice Presidential authority in the confines of the Senate, especially so closely after 9/11, as opposed to being a potty-mouth on a limousine liberal vanity blog. Clooney's just lucky President Cheney hasn't shot him in the face yet, so get over it already.

I am also Outraged to see that Hollywood has got Mitt Romney in the crosshairs and is pulling the trigger via their new pornographic fantasia comedy series Big Love. Why else would they air the series now, other than to derail his prospects for '08 by tarnishing his Mormon faith with insinuations of ritualistic group sex? But what's even more Outrageous is that it seems to have worked: Romney has capitulated to Hollywood's onslaught and has given his rubber stamp to homosexual recruitment via adoption. Shame on you, Mitt Romney. If you can't stand up to radical gay activists in your own backyard, how can we expect you to stand up to Al Qaeda when you're president? Go back to Utah with the rest of your band of demonic sex cultists, you pervert.

Speaking of the nancies, it's an outright disgrace that CBS devoted an entire segment to the "causes" of homosexuality and didn't once mention Pottery Barn or Satan. And I'm disappointed that my Prayer Warriors at LGF have given them a pass on this disinformation. Well, I'm not going to. So long as nancyhood is regarded as some "genetic" trait rather than the natural response to upscale home furnishings and risque sitcom plots, America will never be free from this terrible scourge. That this sort of blather even passes for balanced reportage shows you just how tightly The Left holds the reins of MSM.


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