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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Nail bomb

YES!!! It's so encouraging to see my conservative peers have finally begun to recognize this blog's efforts to spread the Gospel of Glamour. Clinton Taylor at Townhall shows how the Christian symbolism of health & beauty aids can defeat Islamofascism and homosexuality:
If you’d like to show your outrage at Yale’s decision to admit the Taliban’s spokeman, join us in "giving Yale the finger." It would be disgusting– not to mention really painful — to mail your own fingernails, but you can buy glamorous, decadent, shameless-hussy-scarlet press-on nails (ask for "nail tips") from any drug store or beauty shop. They’re cheap; a box costs about $5.00.
I'd take exception to his characterization of nail extensions as the province of decadent & shameless hussies (they're not if you class them up with some rhinestones), but even Prayer Warrior Michelle Malkin is on board with this one!
Join this protest. I'm sending a box of these today.
That's a good start, but if we Christians truly want to reclaim Our Country, we need to embark on a more ambitious campaign of cosmetics-inspired civil disobedience. In another post, Michelle has a round-up of accusations claiming liberal media has whitewashed the recent UNC terrorist strike by refusing to antagonize Muslims. Do these "journalists" inhabit a parallel universe where 9/11 never happened? Outrages like this make me feel like sending Helen Thomas and her haggard minions a bottle of this, with a note saying "Next time, it will probably be a burqa." And I see that MSM is similarly taciturn about naming the homosexual jihad in Alabama as such. Perhaps sending a few of these their way will shame them into taking off their liberal blinders. In your face, MSM. Praise Him!


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