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Saturday, March 04, 2006

The scene of the crime

Luckily for citizen journalism, the spot where I switch from bus to subway for my daily commute is where Hollywood holds the Academy Awards. I thought it would of interest to the Christians who read this to see where Our Nation's Virtue will be gang-raped by Hollywood's equivalent of the Hell's Angels: homosexuals, transvestites, Islamofascists, anti-war activists, feminists, blacks, and the Jews.

Here's regal Kodak Theatre:

Who knew it could be the such of site debauchery? (Well, Jesus and I did, after witnessing the abomination that was Val Kilmer in The Ten Commandments... funny how terrorist-on-Christian torture doesn't inflame the passions of The Left like like the other way around.)

Something I should have tried to capture in my photographs is how security barriers have been erected, presumably to protect "them" from "us." But given the vigor with which Hollywood attacks Our Nation's Moral Fiber, I think the police should be protecting Us from Them. Al Qaeda won't be trying to attack this gathering, they'll be inside accepting an award for Munich.

Further Al Qaeda connection -- note the tent:

Any similarity to an Arabian harem tent or the orgies that went on therein is purely coincidental.

Here's some sort of skybridge that I imagine has been engineered so the Lords and Ladies of Hollywood Royalty don't have to mingle with us common folk. Perhaps they'll use the occasion to tinkle downwards upon us.

Hollywood can't ruin America by swag bags alone. Sometimes it takes some heavy equipment:

Note to Baja Fresh: Two thirds of your sign is burned out.

Part of my vehement refusal to countenance this spectacle is that traffic has been rerouted for a week to accomodate this freakshow. This time it's personal: I've been later than usual for the past five days, and "traffic was bad" begins to lose its potency on day three. Consider me on Conchita's shit-list until somebody else fucks up just as bad. Anyway, below is an example of the nuisances Hollywood expects the locals to accomodate with apparent glee:

Hollywood: Enemy of God, His Values, His Families, and of the working man. Jesus and I will be protesting down at a friend's house in Long Beach, but if you can make it there to protest in person, I'd strongly encourage you to do so. Praise Him!


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