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Saturday, February 25, 2006

"Science" vs. The Truth

Happy Saturday, Christians (and if you're among those responsible for killing Our Lord, shabbat shalom). I felt so bad about neglecting you while I caught up on work this week that I'm blogging on the weekend. Remember that guilt is a very powerful force, so be sure to use it wisely.

Something Jesus pointed out to me is this article about the purported genetic origins of nancyhood.

Normally, X chromosome inactivation occurs at random: half of the cells in a woman's body will have one X chromosome inactivated, while the other half inactivates the other chromosome.

However, when the researchers in the current study examined cells from those women who had at least two gay sons, they found that 42 of them—or 23 percent—showed something different. ...

In contrast, only 4 percent of mothers with no gay sons and 13 percent of those with just one gay son showed this type of extreme skewing.

Bocklandt thinks this suggest that a mother's X chromosomes partly influences whether her son is gay or not.

That the Darwinists would make common cause with the homos like this comes as no surprise. In fact, it wouldn't shock me in the least to find out that The Left, having saturated the liberal arts departments of America's universities, are now flocking to the hard sciences to further pervert scholarship and concoct pseudo-scientific justifications for their sinful lifestyle. Liberals bitch & moan about a few harmless references to Jesus in the public arena, but the real threat is to us Christians: Evolution is the creed of the non-believers, and they shovel it down the throats of our children at every opportunity, all in the name of "scientific objectivity."


Something else I found noteworthy at the same site where I found the above article is the exposé on the 10 deadliest animals. Here's what those bearded-lady environmentalists don't tell you:
Not every elephant is as friendly as Dumbo. Elephants kill more than 500 people a year worldwide. African elephants generally weigh in around 16,000 pounds – all the better to stomp you with – not to mention their sharp tusks.
Liberal patsies, no doubt on account of their irrational Bush hatred, ultimately like to depict poachers -- or anything that encroaches on the pristine habitat of their animal "friends" -- as some sort of threat to the sustainability of life on earth, without any discussion of how many lives those evil, evil poachers are actually saving. Well, moonbats, wake up and smell the lattés: It's kill or be killed. Praise Him!


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