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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Local color

Greetings from lovely Fort Worth, Christians. Jesus & I got in this afternoon and promptly began watching television, as local custom dictates. During our extensive viewing, I learned of the sad tale of Dena Schlosser, a local woman who claims she was commanded by God to saw the limbs of off her child. According to the reverend of her church, Doyle Davidson, that wasn't the voice of God, but rather of demonic possession. Well, duh. But what I find particularly fascinating is Reverend Doyle's means of purging the demons from the bodies of his comely female parishioners:
Davidson also testified that he has cast demons out of parishioners and seen evil spirits, including one that was 6 feet tall with a long tail. The former veterinarian, who has no formal religious training, has a cable TV show in the Dallas area and several states. ...

A police report states the pastor was in the home of another married member of his congregation, sitting on top of her and trying to choke out evil spirits.
So "casting out demons" is what kids are calling it these days... who knew?


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