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Friday, February 10, 2006

Totally Tammy!

My having overlooked the wisdom of Tammy Bruce and only recently adding her to the list of Prayer Warriors is a source of endless shame for me. Tammy's ability to generate Outrage of the purest grade while working in plugs for her books has made me think of her as a kindred spirit. Today Tammy calls on The Left to genuflect before the casket of Mrs. Chesty Puller (and no, she wasn't a Russ Meyer starlet -- I checked) like they did for Coretta Scott King:
She certainly deserves it. While Coretta Scott King deserves respect, she also was a media darling. There are some heroic women who live more quiet lives as they support a husband who did great things for our nation. Virginia Puller is one of those women. You in all likelihood don't even know who she is, specifically because she didn't march around, or hold press conferences, engage in politics or court the media. Virginia Puller, the wife of heroic Marine legend "Chesty" Puller, died last Saturday. Her funeral is set for this Saturday. Will the president be there? Does Bill Clinton care? What are Jimmah Carter's plans?

That's right. MLK and everyone else involved in the civil rights movement in the 60s owe their right to demonstrate in a free country to the actions of men like Puller and the support they received from their families. And while Americans who happen to be black do owe a great deal to MLK, the reality is they owe as much if not even more to the American military in general which has kept this nation safe and free, allowing activists to continue their work here at home.
Nothing less than the attendance of Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Jesse Jackson, & Jimmy Carter (who will hopefully mourn rather than going off on yet another pointless diatribe about how much he hates Freedom) at Mrs. Puller's funeral will expose liberals as the pack of grandstanding hypocrites they truly are.

It struck me that the mandatory paying of respects to lesser historical figures (or the spouses of lesser historical figures) could be quite an effective means of exposing moonbat hypocrisy. Let's go down Yahoo's list of the recently departed to see how we can put this to best use:

Actor who played Jeffersons' neighbor died - The Left loves to go on and on about their committment to miscegenation, but will any of them bother to pay their respects for actor Franklin Cover, whose kick-me-hard white guilt dialogue read like fundraising pitches for the People for the American Way? Hah! Tom Willis was just their useful idiot; once he was off the air, his fate was sealed with his former liberal benefactors. He is survived by a wife of unspecified race; let's hope that when she passes, The Left will show at least a modicum of grief for the widow of this footsoldier of perversion.

Actor 'Grandpa Munster' Al Lewis dies - Before Satanism could take root in America's soil, someone had to work the rototiller. Television's first wave of attack against Christianity began in the 60s (naturally), where the Occult was presented as cuddly and humorous, rather than cunning and dangerous. Al Lewis, along with Count Chocula and Sesame Street's The Count, were the Pied Pipers who led America's youth down the dangerous road of vampirism, goth, and self-mutilation, all in the name of "religious tolerance." Devoted to taking a wrecking ball to America, he ran as a Green Party candidate for governor of New York. Will The Left bother to use his funeral as a forum to attack Our President? Only if there are cameras present.

Betty Friedan - Her crimes against Natural Order have already been amply documented by my conservative peers, and her passing was mourned by celebrated mass-murderer Hillary Clinton, as well as the lesser deities in the liberal pantheon. According to her obituary, she was divorced, but surely she must have left a cherished pet of some sort behind. When this animal goes into the Great Beyond, will liberals pause to reflect on the quiet support it gave her? Or can we safely deduct from their absence of grief for Friedan's budgie that Feminism was just another hot-button issue liberals used to foment anger in their ignorant ranks, much to their electoral advantage, regardless of its consequences for the Great Nation they purportedly love? I think we all know the answer to that.


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