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Monday, February 27, 2006

Onward, Christian soldiers of Capitalism

Sister Nancy Beth is delighted to see that the blogosphere has declared this week Corporation Appreciation Week. For too long, the contributions that America's great corporate citizens have made to strengthening Our Christian Values have gone unheralded, and I consider it an honor to do my part to salute these unsung defenders of Liberty!

First & foremost in my heart are the good citizens at Wal-Mart, who truly need all the cheerleading they can get. Sadly, Wal-Mart -- much like our great crusade to bring Freedom to the ragheads -- is a favorite target of The Left and their allies in the liberal media. The Left's relentless focusing on the negative, regardless of how minute or utterly inconsequential the alleged misdeed, has led many otherwise patriotic Americans to needlessly question the Christian Bounty Wal-Mart brings to content stay-at-home moms like Jane Q. Citizen. This same barrage of negativity has also prompted examination in some quarters of the quality of wages & benefits Wal-Mart offers to those slatternly single mothers & other loose-moraled women who constitute its workforce. The minimum wages of sin, you know...

But Christians, I must ask you: Does Freedom not come at a price? So why then all this agonizing over such minuscule concerns? Make no doubt about it: The moonbat campaign to "reform" Wal-Mart is nothing more than a second front in The Left's assault on Freedom, Chastity, and Capitalism, which started in earnest on 9/11 and won't end until Christians like yours truly are enslaved in Chairwoman Hillary's re-education camps.

Wal-Mart dutifully serves the cause of Freedom by bringing an early form of American Capitalism to people around the world, most notably the heathen Chinee. Just imagine their gratitude! They also promote an organizational model of the workplace in keeping with The Bible, and are wise stewards of the land God gave Wal-Mart dominion over. And today I am happy to see they are defending the ideals of Our Country by standing up to Hillary and her fellow travellers:
Scott also criticized bills filed in at least 22 states that would force the retailer to spend more on health care, saying they require companies to "spend an arbitrary percentage" of payroll on benefits.

"I believe what we're seeing is a little too much politics," Scott said. "I think we all know what the employer mandate bills are all about."
So very true, Mr. Scott. It's all about taxpayers like you and me footing the bill for day spas for welfare queens and illegal immigrants... but not if we Christians stick together. Praise Him!


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