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Sunday, March 05, 2006

An army of nancies

[UPDATE 03/08: Welcome, Needlenose Christians! While you're here, please consider purchasing a lovely Edicts of Nancy thong.]

"Every time a liberal blogger is threatened with a lawsuit, an angel gets his wings,' or so the expression goes. Hey kids -- my inner selfish hedonist is fielding this one, but I know you'll cut me some slack on a Sunday. Blierwatch has a post about Liberty Counsel's attempts to strong-arm a blogger into removing his parody of an Exodus International billboard. Liberty Counsel claims:

You appear to believe that the stolen image is exempt from federal intellectual property laws as a “parody” due to “fair use.” Unfortunately, the intricacies of federal law cannot adequately be covered on “Wikipedia” due to the variety of facts addressed by courts in numerous cases.

which I assume is legalese for "If we blow enough officious sounding smoke, we'll get you to do what we want." Besides, everyone knows that all but the most activist of judges would find the controversial claims of a politically active organization based on junk science to be exempt from the First Amendment, right?

I found this claim to be particularly amusing:
Furthermore, your altered image substantially diminishes the potential value of the original image as utilized by Exodus on billboards across America and online.
Is Exodus International really so ineffectual an organization that one wise-ass crack is enough to seriously diminish their ability to re-instill homos with self-loathing? And by a blogger I had never heard of before? Sadly, yes!

So this got me thinking: One of my Prayer Warriors recently published a scholarly tome called An Army of Davids. What would happen if every homo or homo-friendly blogger photoshopped his or her own parody of this? How many bogus lawsuits does Liberty Counsel want to pursue? In that spirit, I offer the following to any of our confused sisters out there, because I consider abusing crystal meth slightly less harmful to gay people than the "therapy" Exodus is offering:

OK, girls -- Arise, go forth, and photoshop. Praise Him!


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