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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Old gray mare

Sorry to abandon you, Christians, but I finally went in for my follow-up appointment for my bum knee yesterday (unfortunately, those poultices made out of false eyelashes and eyebrow pencil shavings just weren't cutting it any more). According to the doc, I've got arthritis behind my kneecap, deterioration of the cartilage, and something called chondromalacia... all at the ripe old age of 34. All I could do is thank my lucky stars that I'm in a country whose health care system places a premium on human life, because in Europe I'm sure my condition would have been grounds for euthanasia. I also get to wear a fetching garter-like knee strap in black matte. I asked, and these aren't available in "I ♥ Jesus," at least not at the bastion of secularism that I went to. OK, so back to blogging. Praise Him!


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