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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Condiments of mass destruction

Call me skeptical, but I find it a complete dereliction of their entrusted duties that law enforcement officials would so cavalierly dismiss a suspicious package at San Diego State University, especially so shortly after similar incidents of Islamic terrorism on campuses in Oklahoma and North Carolina. However, according to my Prayer Warriors at CNSNews, they've done exactly that:
A suspicious package near a hot dog stand at San Diego State University's Cox Arena turned out to be a condiment box, the FBI said Thursday. The arena was evacuated Thursday afternoon after a bomb-sniffing dog noticed the package. Players for Marquette University and the University of Alabama, who were scheduled to play at 2:30 pm EST had not arrived when the incident occurred. Fans were allowed to return back inside the arena for the game to begin. Four games are scheduled for the arena on Thursday.
What if they've been tainted with ricin? Did they even check? Once again, the FBI is slacking on its duties, or MSM has bowed down to their Islamic overlords (curiously absent from any of these reports is the word "Muslim" -- are you surprised?). Could this be the massive hit on America that Rakan Ben Williams has been talking about? I've been a devoted pupil of Michelle Malkin long enough to know when The Feds are hiding the truth from us, supposedly for our own good, and this is clearly one of those times. Praise Him!


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