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Sunday, March 19, 2006

BDS in full bloom

I know nothing delights the senses of my readers more than grainy pictures from my cellphone, so I figured I'd treat you to a riotous feast for the eyes in the form of The Left in the tertiary stages of Bush Derangement Syndrome. It also allows you the opportunity to Witness the Majesty that is Jesus' radiant blue halo, which I've been meaning to show you for a while now. So how fortunate it is for all of you that Jesus & I decided to protest an herbologist in Chinatown yesterday.

This is the visual slap in the face we were greeted with outside the metro station in Hollywood... but a few scant steps away from where the Jews and their homosexual houseboys hold the Oscars.

That's right: moonbats. Unfortunately for us, we had just walked into the middle of an agitated hive of patchouli-huffing lovechildren, all bitching and moaning about the usual peas under their mattresses.

Hollywood's establishment showed up to watch their spoiled brats ride their little hobbie-horses in droves, which should come as no surprise. Here's Condi's Indonesian gigolo playmate mingling with the vermin:

A live-action Spongebob was also on hand to whip the liberals into a homoerotic frenzy, but sadly went unphotographed. But believe me, this was no Bigfoot sighting: He was there.

On our way back, our cherished fellow "Americans" had stagnated into a lichenous puddle listening to some dusky-hued man waving a Mexican flag and ranting and carrying on in his native Spanish. If there were anything our Founding Fathers could agree upon, it's that this hardly qualifies as the type of speech the First Amendment was meant to protect. Let me get at it and we'll call it Amendment 1.01. I hope your Saturday was better than mine. Praise Him!


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