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Friday, March 24, 2006

Friday Random Ten - harried Christian receptionist edition

Alas, there hasn't been that much time to tend to your spiritual/cosmetology needs today, Christians, so I humbly offer the following:

Change Is Now - The Byrds
Song For Dead Time - Swans
L53.717.00 (Still Listless & Rising) - Andrew Liles
Come Together - The Beatles
Bicycle Built for Two - John Fahey
It Happened In Monterey - Frank Sinatra
Medicine Man - Ikue Mori With Robert Quine And Marc Ribot
3 Films - Dissolve
She Sells - Roxy Music
I Ain't Movin' - Des'ree
While on the topic of music, I think I have a front-runner for my favorite album so far this year: Maryrose Crook's Ghosts of Our Vegas Lives. Mrs. Crook by all rights should be country music's reigning diva, but for one inconvenient fact: She lives in New Zealand. She's blessed with one of those emotive choking-back-tears voices and an unflinchingly unsentimental approach to songwriting, so I'd encourage you all to protest your local record store and pick this one up pronto. Or go protest online at Moops Music. Praise Him!


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